Ed Taylor

Community Relations Director

Ed is a native to the Northwest. Raised by his grandparents on Mercer Island he was heavily influenced by the mostly senior population. Ed learned the art of conversation from his Grandparents and spent much of his time growing up listening to the stories and life accomplishments of the neighborhood. The Senior Living industry would eventually be a natural choice; however, the journey would take some surprising and rewarding turns.

Right out of High School and heading to college in Bellevue Ed stumbled into working for family friends who owned a real estate company. He would spend almost 10 years working for them in Bellevue learning the business and using his listening and conversation skills to find early success.

In 1999 while looking for something new and challenging he came across an add to “sell diamonds on the internet”. With the dot.com boom in full swing in Seattle, it seemed like an interesting option. Over the course of the next 18 years, Ed would join the internet start-up and help develop a World-class Customer Service department and hold various senior roles at bluenile.com one of Seattle’s most successful internet companies.

As with many people who reach a certain point in their career it was time to look for the next chapter. The next step needed to be rewarding, engaging, challenging and deeply personal. By chance, a recruiter one day would ask if he had ever considered the Senior Living industry. A light bulb went off! Having cared for his grandmother with dementia for over 20 years and seeing the effects of aging on the ones he loved it was a natural fit!

In Ed’s own words: “Making the move to Senior Living has been the most rewarding decision. Helping residents, families, and friends find comfort in their care decisions is incredibly rewarding. I love to listen and remove concerns and address questions throughout the process. Representing a community as amazing as Quail Park and all that it offers makes my role even more enjoyable. There is something very special here!”

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"My mother was very much in need of a place that could address her physical, medical, emotional and social needs. Quail Park has done all of that with the utmost professionalism and compassion. I highly recommend Quail Park/West Seattle."

- Dave B.

"Indoors and out, Quail Park gives residents, guests, and team a sense of warmth and a feeling of being at home."

- Denis Bryant
CEO and President of Living Care Lifestyles and Quail Park Communities