Aging adults and their families can find themselves in a difficult situation after receiving a diagnosis of dementia. People often want to provide care at home, but that may not be feasible for every family and it may not be the best match for the needs of the older adult. When considering the memory care options in Seattle, consider these factors to determine the right fit for your needs:

Specialized Training

The Baby Boomer generation and advances in healthcare have led to a large and growing population of aging adults. As a result, independent living and assisted living communities are popping up in most areas. These settings provide accommodations for aging adults who may want to maintain their independence, while also having fewer responsibilities and available support.

Many of these communities are equipped for the needs of aging adults, but not every community is equipped for the special needs associated with dementia. As you consider the memory care options, be sure to look for a setting that offers specialized care. This includes having nursing staff, who are trained to provide memory care and who are invested in working with this population. At Quail Park, our staff focus on the distinctive needs, characteristics, and preferences of each resident.

Consistent Care

Memory loss is a challenging condition. The individual diagnosed with dementia may find themselves feeling sad and scared. As they consider moving into a care setting, they may be upset about the prospect of leaving behind their familiar home. To ease the transition, it can be valuable to involve them in decisions regarding their care. Have them visit potential memory care settings and put their preferences at the forefront, of course balancing those preferences with medical needs.

Whenever possible, it is also most ideal to select a setting with varying levels of care, that can match the progressive nature of dementia. Quail Park was specially designed and equipped for residents with memory loss. The services and staff are dedicated to providing the best care for these residents, to match their sometimes-complex medical needs, and to give them the best possible quality of life.

Quality Living

Although dementia may make the golden years somewhat less golden, the philosophy of Quail Park is rooted in the belief that each person’s life is a complete and imperfect circle. As such, staff focus on caring for aging adults with respect for their dignity, knowing that their life story has unique value. Services are based around the idea that memory loss should not diminish quality of life, and that by providing proper care, staff can help to promote quality of life even during a difficult chapter.

To support quality of life, the available services at Quail Park do not stop at memory care. Residents can access a full range of amenities to maintain their health, promote their functioning, and continue to enjoy daily living. Anytime dining allows residents to eat on their schedule. A theater, activity spaces, and planned events give residents many options for how to spend their time.

Next Steps

As you look for memory care in Seattle, consider Quail Park Memory Care Residences of West Seattle. A full range of services are available to meet each resident’s unique situation. Consider visiting and take a tour to see if Quail Park could be the right fit for your loved one’s memory care and senior living needs.