LEED Certification Badges

Quail Park Memory Care Residences recently received its final LEED certification – LEEDv3 Silver certification. Here are some of the findings from our scorecard:

Sustainable Sites

  • LEED Certification2 Sustainable SitesReduced impacts of transportation and natural resources by developing the project on a previously developed site with excellent walkable access to public transit and community services.
  • The project encourages higher density development by being located within ½ mile of a neighborhood with an average density of 10 units per acre; and community connectivity by being located within ½ mile of many basic services with pedestrian access, including, but not limited to a beauty salon, restaurants, church, bank, pharmacy, fire station, school, grocery store, post office and an athletic center.
  • The project is located in an area that is served by public transportation and is within ¼ mile walking distance of at least 3 stops for 3 public bus lines.
  • Reduced impacts of transportation and land development by providing preferred carpool spaces, low-emitting and fuel-efficient parking spaces and limited parking spaces for all building users.
  • Maximized vegetated, open space to promote biodiversity – project open space provided is equal to 21.3% of the total site area, or 5,119 square feet of the site area, not including to rooftop vegetated areas, of approximately 4,537 square feet of roof area.
  • Reduced heat island effect on site and in surrounding areas by placing 100% of the onsite parking under cover and installing a roof product with a high solar reflectance value and vegetated roof areas.
  • Reduced pollution and contaminants from the site to natural water flows by providing onsite treatment for stormwater runoff.

Water Efficiency

  • LEED Certification3 Water and EnergyDecreased potable water use for irrigation by nearly 72% by using drought tolerant, adaptive plants and installing drip irrigation systems – resulting in nearly 12,000 gallons annually.
  • Reduced demand on local water supplies by installing water efficient plumbing fixtures that will result in 38% less water than code compliant fixtures – resulting in over 350,000 gallons of potable water saved annually

Materials & Resources

  • Diverted over 96% of the onsite construction waste generated, avoiding significant waste being sent to landfills – resulting in approximately 345 tons diverted.
  • Selected and prioritized regional materials – meaning harvested or extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the project – which accounted for 27% of construction materials, further reducing impacts from transportation.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • LEED Certification4 Materials and EnvironmentUtilized best practices for healthy indoor air quality by limiting the use of finish products (paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and flooring products) that off-gas toxins, creating a healthy indoor environment for occupants.
  • Provided thermal comfort controls for at least 50% of occupants to enable adjustments based on individual needs to promote comfort and well-being.
  • Designed the project’s regularly occupied indoor spaces with over 90% with access to outside views to promote happy and healthy building occupants.

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